Primary care at Atlas Health offers a convenient, efficient, patient-friendly environment whether for illness or injury, or wellness and preventive care.

Atlas Health team take care of you!

Atlas Health: The destination for routine care that's anything but routine.

We understand that navigating the health care system can be daunting, whether for evaluation and management of a new medical issue or for the ongoing support for chronic medical issues of your loved ones. We believe that good, old-fashioned primary care lies at the core of a strong medical system.

Today everyone realizes that our bodies change as we get older. As do the daily activities we enjoy, our time constraints, and our outlook on the world around us. At Atlas we believe in tailoring an adult health regimen for your goals at whatever age you are. We can help assess a better exercise and nutrition plan, stress reduction through mindfulness techniques, in addition to traditional preventative measures such as blood pressure and heart health markers. We also have extensive experience managing complex chronic issues that can occur as the human body ages, and capabilities alone or in collaboration with a team of specialists.

“One size fits all” just doesn’t work in medicine, and in order to be find treatment for you as an individual, our providers are committed to getting to know you as a person so that our recommendations match your style. Make an appointment and come experience the difference.